Successor of the sage nfrti

nfrti, an ancient sage and custodian of histories renowned for the Prophecy of Neferti (nfrti) that is set in the court of the great Egyptian King Sneferu; King of the Pyramids. Owing to his gifts, nfrti was summoned to the court of the King and asked to speak of the future rather than the past. He prophesies a time where a great King will rise after years of war and strife. The prophesied king will eliminate the enemies, restore order, and breathe prosperous life once again into the land of the Nile.

The wisdom of predictive maintenance for industrial rotating equipment

Rotating equipment fault deteXion, diagnostiX to identify and isolate the fault, and prognostiX to estimate equipment remaining life before failure; in addition to industrial AIoT analytiX at large are encapsulated in the X. X further entails abundance of meanings in mathematiX and technology. MathematiX, the cradle of Life, maintains order and prevents chaos; technology is the key to unlock its potential.


At nfrti X, we inherited our great ancestor's wisdom and kept custody of the histories. When asked for modern day equipment predictions and prophecies, we complement our inherited gifts with cutting edge AIoT analytiX and data science. A blend uniquely positioning us to get to reliable, chaos preventing, and life saving predictions. Hence, nfrti X intertwines X and, the symbol of ‘Life’ itself.

It's all in the name – nfrti . Intrigued? Keep checking us out. nfrti X is loading…